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All new is well forgotten old, but not all! Today, designers often look back and based on older images create modern. Retro style fits in well with the fashion trends of today and is great for those who like something original and striking.

If you want to plunge into the world of fashion and still try ing entirely new way, one should follow some fashion tips:

Start with inconspicuous small accessories, to understand the principle of combining elements and that will allow to experience the era.

I to feel as confident in the new way, it should know a little something about the era, the style of which is going to dress up.

Retro style perfectly emphasizes the dignity and hide flaws, you should choose those elements that will be able to youom to help. Therefore you should not wear on the broad shoulders of the jacket in the style of the eighties, where the appendage massive shoulder pads – it will only disturb the harmony of the image.

When you choose clothes and accessories, do not forget about the hairstyle. Hair done in the style of the period will finish your look and make it complete.

If you decide to create an image of hipsters, in which the predominant bright colors and rock-n-roll mood, is to keep the brand up to the end. The further you go, the brighter will be the costumes and wichurae accessories, but never give entirely, you should still remember what decade you are and behave accordingly.

can fortunately, to create a retro image does not have to visit numerous antique shops or rummage through my grandfather's closet, today, designers often resort to this style and in fashion boutiques, you can find modern branded items, stitched nand the old way.

the Experimenting is always good, but it should always be remembered as! Otherwise stylish image turns into negligence and pretentiousness. Remember that.