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What accessories help to complete the image of a man?

You can simply amazing to highlight your style with different accessories, but can also ruin it.
we All know that quality is the most important, but if some accessory looks scruffy, you don't have more to wear! Learn to say good-bye to old things to make room for new things.

Consider accessories to underline image of the stronger sex:

1. First expose an expensive suit and watch (mechanical, quartz and others). There are many world names offering a variety of watches, different styles. Patek Philippe, Swatch, Rolex, Bulgari, Rado - here's somerye. Watches are the most important accessory. We live in a period of time that everything, all the time, somewhere in a hurry.
2. Then there are the jewels. With them so, please, do not overdo it. You don't have to look like a Christmas tree, hung on all that is. Be reasonable and choose only what will complement you, not distract all the attention from you!
3. Men's cravats are best suited to men with a casually elegant style. Their preferences stylists give the shawls with fine pattern and made of silk fabric.
4. To identify a man with good taste into the crowd easy! They have cufflinks and tie clip very understated, but simply elegant.
5. So, another accessory that is essential - a wallet or purse. To emphasize the style and status must be quality, practicality, functionality, and style of clothing and shoes. Be careful with functionality that is too massive you should not choose.
6. If you choose to tie ont is important to be in harmony with the shirt.
7. Strap - leather, the optimum width with a modest plaque. The combination of a belt with a briefcase and shoes should be according to the texture and color of the material. Very beautiful selection of belt for the strap, but not necessarily. And a combination of must-have metal of the dial and the belt buckle.
8. Another very important accessory is a pen. A quality pen helps to reveal the true social status of its owner.
9. The seriousness of strong sex shows a black umbrella - cane. Rain should not tarnish you reputation.
10. For important documents need case.
11. And always leather gloves for the cold season.

Men, choosing what, when, and what to wear, remember that you should always be confident in yourself and your choice!

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