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Summer clothing for training outdoors

When it gets warmer, nearby forest or Park can be a great alternative to the gym. Exercise in the fresh air not only improve health, but just nicer. The choice of attire for this kind of activity is very important - the clothes should not only fit the weather conditions, but also to be comfortable, not constrain movement.

Exercise in the fresh air also have the advantage that they do not require any special equipment. We can work using the natural roughness, horizontal bars, etc. However, as a rule, it is enough to take a bottle of mineral water and comfortable clothes.

First of all - comfort

When selecting clothing for training in the first place, should be guided by convenience. Sports clothing should be made of aerial materials, which allow our skin to breathe. Best if clothes will fit the body that will give you maximum freedom of movement. In the hot summer days are perfect short leggings and sports tops. However comfortable shorts are also a good option.

second - color

Summer sports style should be colorful. First, because black clothing heats up quickly and it just simply will be hot. And secondly- colorful clothes somehow motivated to exercise, especially if You are just starting.


When you choose sporty style, we must not forget about shoes. In summer, You can choose colorful, attractive sports model. It is necessary to pay attention to what kind of activities they are intended.

sun Protection

Exercising outdoors, You also have to remember that you should protect your body from the sun. UV sunscreens will come to your aid!

Remember: clothing for exercise in the first place should be comfortable, and bright, energetic colors will improve your mood and will add more enthusiasm to exercise.

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