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pack: clothes for the rest of the sea

You are going on vacation to the sea? As always, You have a problem with packing a suitcase? A seaside holiday is not just swimming and sunbathing, so don't forget to bring something more than a swimsuit.
You need things that You feel attractive and comfortable, but You feel that You have nothing in Your closet? Can't be! We show You 5 styles that will be needed during the holidays and definitely have in Your wardrobe.

so how several items of clothing to create a costume for any occasion on vacation:


swim Actively, or perhaps You like to be a passenger on the ship during expeditions? the Then be sure to pack light blouse (ideally in Navy stripes), which is not only beautify, but also protect the back from the sun. Put more in denim shorts, slightly torn. Shoes should be comfortable and practical, so that You don't slip on the deck.


Do you want to go in the evening at a local bar where you can have a little fun and relax? the Pick up gown length Maxi! Flying cotton dress will give You comfort, while its length will protect Your feet from pesky mosquitoes. If You want to draw attention to himself (perhaps a beautiful male), choose a dress in a bright color or lace material.
Wear a Maxi dress with delicate sandals and complete your look with beautiful earrings and bracelet.

Expedition to the forest

are You planning a trip to the woods? In the forest You are trapped ticks and other insects and plants that can hurt You. Choose clothing that covers most of the body. the Best option would be a tracksuit and sneakers.


Want to soak up the sun with a book in hand? Bikini that allows you to get an even tan isn't everything! the be Sure to remember a hat or cap to protect your head from the sun. In addition, glasses will be needed.
If You want to swim in the sea, but I'm afraid the bottom, select rubber sandals that can be worn under water.


Going to visit the local Museum or historic Church? Take the same Maxi dress or a sundress, sandals - flat or wedge heel and a small handbag for the necessarys of things.

it is Important that our proposals will fit into a small suitcase. So get ready with the mind and have a good holiday!

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