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Stylish colors of the season autumn-2016

the Imagination of designers knows no bounds. Every season they come up with new ways to use familiar to all colors.

What colors and hues will be in trend in coming season?

Pastel pink

In recent years, designers and fashionistas from the very beginning fell in love with the pastel palette. No wonder in outfit soft pastel colors the woman looks particularly elegant and charming. The image in this color will give the woman even more feminine, thanks to him, in the eyes of men it will look fragile and pure being. Particular preference is given to rose of all shades – they are lossless.

Shades of yellow and cream colors

All the same pastel range is "delicious" creamy and pale yellow. Why delicious? They evoke memories of an amazing dessertx in which ladies usually deny yourself. Sponge cakes. Lemon cakes. It is very delicious.
In contrast to the pink tones of yellow and cream shades look less lightly, but at the same time fresh. They are perfect for ladies who want to emphasize your refined taste.

Brown-beige palette

Autumn classic, reminiscent of falling leaves. The actual mustard, coffee, orange tones will be the perfect Foundation for a fashionable way this fall.


it Remains a mystery why girls are so fond of military style. While some continue to wonder about this khaki continues winning streak on the catwalks and our wardrobes. This season is extremely relevant gloomy swamp shade. This color is very comfortable to wear even for the reason that it is non-staining. But with hacks you have to be careful, like a grenade. This color is heavy and should be thinned, otherwise the image may become overweight.


Red colors are always in trend. They occupy different positions in the ratings of the actual colors, but never could not pull out.
in the Fall of 2016 red takes its place, as in past seasons. All these shades of red will fit perfectly in the closet: coral, ruby and crimson, maroon and crimson. It is only necessary to consider that the best red is the one that goes well with skin color.

Black and white

Black, white and gray is a recognized classic, black-and-white cinema. These colors are basic, they are used in 99% of images. Strict grey suit for the office and little black dress for the party. Definitely, black and white palette is always the height of fashion.

In this autumn season, as in the past, stylists prefer elegant coat classic cut in black and gray colors. It is their brevity like figures of fashion in a coat is nothing extra that could set off the beauty its owner, but at the same time it has everything to emphasize the figure of the lady or to hide its flaws.

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