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Select beach attire for men

Many people believe that fashion is not much attracts the stronger sex. But today it is certainly not so! Pumped up body of the stronger sex very attract women. And at this time, the body is the hallmark of man. So let it complete.
Imagine: clear blue sky, bright sunshine, hear the noise of the troubled sea, Under the circumstances just need to look adorable!
Most men don't prefer all the time to spend sunbathing on the beach. They challenge water: surfing, ride a water bike, sailing or many other options.

So, given all possible actions, we choose a comfortable, practical and very attractive things on the beach to be the best.

Structural characteristics beachwear

Tailoring needs be performed from a fabric of polyester, for quick drying. The cotton is allowed up to 25%.
swimming Trunks will not stick to the body if the inside is sewn to the mesh.
If you have pockets, they have to be the holes for streaming water with them.
So they don't fall down, pick with the help of Velcro, zipper, elastic, lace or button.
And for the perfect fit of the bottoms on your body, choose those with adjustable straps.

Start choice

by the Way looks very good multi-colored top with plain bottoms and Vice versa. For dark (tanned) skin suitable warm and bright colors, and light looks perfect in a dark wash.


Short wide-leg shorts.
Long shorts to the knee.

Talk about

Bottoms good at swimming. They did not expect and hardly felt on the body, but ill be washed off by soaking in sea salt, it's bad.
one good types of in the sea, but it is not advisable to wear on vacation. Since you want to go to a restaurant near the beach or stroll along the waterfront, and is not a decent option.
Making the choice, you should consider any forthcoming situation and always feel on top.
Option on all occasions - swimming shorts, not too long and not too short. It's certainly a decent option, and they very nicely accentuate the figure, and by the way, good hide her flaws. They are very comfortable and many models there are pockets.
fans wave prefer very dense, but at the same time allowing the skin to breathe, incredibly practical "Board – shorts”. They are so practical and comfortable that the men who wear them as the sea and the city life.

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